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Tecate Cross Border Shipping

The Tecate cross border shipping entry point, nestled in the mountains, is approximately 60 miles east of San Diego in southern California. The point of entry is actually listed on the National Register of Historic Places and shares the border with its larger sister city Tecate, Mexico to the south. R+L Global Logistics is focused on getting freight cleared through customs and delivered on time on either side of the border.

Tecate, located between the border towns of Otay Mesa and Calexico, is an alternate point of entry from San Diego and Tijuana. And although Tecate is not as large of a city as the others, it does not diminish the importance of cross border shipping in the region between the U.S. and Mexico.
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Advantages of Tecate Cross Border Shipping with R+L Global Logistics

Tecate cross border freight shipping dates back to the early 1900s when the historic entry between the two countries first opened. Freight entering the U.S. from here is likely heading into San Diego and up the California coast or east into the mountains.

Regardless of how the freight needs to move, R+L Global Logistics has a solution to meet your shipping needs.

R+L Global Logistics offers:
less than truckload
LTL (less than a truckload)
refrigerated or temperature controlled
Refrigerated or Temperature-Controlled
full truckload
FTL (full truckload)
door to door
cross docking
Cross docking
Tecate, Mexico is known for brewing a brand of beer named after the city. The Mexican city is also home to several Fortune 500 companies from the U.S. with manufacturing plants in the area. So the point of entry at Tecate handles a large amount of cross border shipping freight.
advantages of tecate cross border shipping with r+l global logistics
Our R+L Global Logistics team is ready to answer questions about Tecate cross border shipping and how our serve is unmatched in the industry.

Benefits of Tecate Cross Border Shipping

Tecate cross border shipping includes a large volume of industrial products, raw materials and other components. One of the main benefits shippers realize when working with R+L Global Logistics is access to a vast network of professionals working in sync to get freight across the border without customs delays. This alone is a valuable asset. We make sure all documentation is in place for cross border shipping. This step saves time on each side of the border and means your freight is not sitting in limbo.

Much of the Tecate cross border freight includes:
tecate cross border cars


tecate cross border automotive parts


tecate cross border medical supplies


While beer production is big business in this region, car manufacturing also drives a lot of the inbound cross border shipping traffic from Mexico along with goods assembled at a number of maquiladoras located throughout the area. 

R+L Global Logistics is a family owned company which means we have the flexibility to meet the various requests to ship freight across the border. One size does not fit all with us, but we listen to each customer and what they need to get their freight delivered on time. Then our team works diligently to put everything in place customized for each shipper.

Our team works closely with shippers to ensure all documentation is in place to clear customs on either side of the border. Companies that have special designations to make customs inspections faster can significantly decrease the cross border shipping timeline.

Partner with R+L Global Logistics for Cross Border Shipping

R+L Global Logistics is your Tecate cross border shipping partner. This popular port of entry, like other international ports, requires attention to detail to make sure the process is smooth and void of any delays.

Our goal to empower your business to make Tecate cross border shipping simple for inbound or outbound freight. By working closely with R+L Global Logistics, shippers have added assurance that Tecate cross border shipping is a top priority with unparalleled service throughout the journey.

Additional Tecate cross border shipping services include:
white glove
White Glove Services
oversized freight
Oversized Freight Services
automobile shipping
Automobile Shipping
dry van
Dry Van
temperature controlled shipping
Temperature Controlled Shipping
flat bed shipping
expedited service
Expedited Service
Let our team at R+L Global Logistics handle your Tecate cross border shipping needs. Our freight experts are ready to navigate your cross border journey to make sure your goods are delivered on time, every time.
partner with r+l global logistics for tecate cross border shipping

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