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Calexico Cross Border Shipping

Companies looking for reliable and efficient options for Calexico cross border shipping can trust the freight services offered by R+L Global Logistics. Whether it’s inbound freight into the US or outbound freight to Mexico our team is ready to get it delivered on time, every time. Cross border freight shipping is high priority for our team who handles all the necessary details to meet customs requirements at a port of entry.
Calexico cross border shipping can include:
LTL less than truckload
LTL (less than truckload)
refrigerated or temperature controlled
Refrigerated or Temperature-Controlled
expedited shipping
full truckload
FTL (full truckload)
door to door
cross docking
Cross docking
The amount of freight going through Calexico cross border shipping ranks it in the Top 5 of cross border crossing traffic between the US and Mexico. This region is important as consumer goods are transported between the two countries.

Navigating Calexico Cross Border Shipping

Calexico enjoys a sister-city relationship with Mexicali, Mexico which dwarfs its small US neighbor separated by an international border. The area, once mostly desert, is a high producer of agricultural products. However, Calexico cross border shipping is much more involved as a number of goods at transported through here from electronic and automotive parts, heavy machinery and medical parts to name a few. A vast number of corporations have a manufacturing presence in Mexico from which products are shipped cross border.
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navigating claxico cross border shipping electronic parts


navigating claxico cross border shipping automotive parts


navigating claxico cross border shipping heavy machinery


navigating claxico cross border shipping medical parts


Calexico, just a few hours east of Los Angeles and San Diego has many credits for site location for movie and television productions. However, top billing goes to the cross border shipping traffic between Calexico and Mexico.
Our team of professionals are ready to help customers navigate the maze of international shipping regulations and customs requirements to ensure the freight arrives intact without any problems. Keeping the supply chain moving smoothly is a priority for shippers regardless of the type of cross border freight. R+L Global Logistics partners with each shipper to provide quality service in a timely fashion to ensure they meet deadline to have freight in place.

Top Benefits of Calexico Cross Border Shipping with R+L Global Logistics

So how can R+L Global Logistics help you with cross border shipping? We realize there is no time to waste with a lot of back and forth so our team is ready to help figure out the best solution for your freight. A top benefit customers have with R+L Global Logistics is knowing that your freight will be delivered promptly and hassle-free.
Another major benefit is that the R+L Global Logistics team is bilingual and can answer all of your questions about cross border shipping. There are no language barriers here with us. Whether English or Spanish is more comfortable when it’s time to book your cross border shipping, our team can accommodate you. R+L Global Logistics knows what it takes to handle cross border shipping for inbound or outbound freight between Calexico and Mexico.
Proximity to major cities is a huge benefit for Calexico cross border shipping. In the southeastern region of California, Interstate 8 is a short drive north from Calexico, so it means freight crossing the border here can arrive at a major manufacturing plant or placed on grocery store shelves within a matter of hours.
While the list of benefits goes on, we hope you have a firm idea of what R+L Global Logistics offers. It is our goal to empower your business to make Calexico cross border shipping simple from pick up to delivery.
top benefits of calexico cross border shipping with r+l global logistics

We’re Your Calexico Cross Border Shipping Strategic Partner

R+L Global Logistics is your Calexico cross border shipping partner to transport freight throughout the northern Baja region of Mexico or in reverse throughout the southeastern rim of California.

We understand that reliable delivery is essential to the fast-paced world of logistics and freight shipping. R+L Global Logistics promises to make your Calexico cross border shipping a top priority with unparalleled service throughout the journey.

Additional Calexico cross border shipping services include:
white glove
White Glove
oversized freight
Oversized Freight
dry van
Dry Van
temperature controlled shipping
Temperature Controlled Shipping
flat bed shipping
epedited service
Expedited Service
we are your calexico cross border shipping strategic partner
Give our team a call to handle your Calexico cross border shipping needs. Our freight experts are ready to navigate your cross border journey to make sure your goods are delivered on time, every time.

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