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Otay Mesa Cross Border Shipping

Otay Mesa cross border shipping is important to the region and the country. The U.S. port of entry shares a border with Mexico and lies just north of the sprawling Tijuana, known for tourism and is a manufacturing hub. Shippers using Otay Mesa to transport their goods rely on companies like R+L Global Logistics to get goods across the border on time, every time. Cross border shipping takes attention to details, those big and small, to ensure there are no mistakes that can delay freight clearing customs.
Take a look at what Otay Mesa cross border shipping includes with R+L Global Logistics:
less than truckload
LTL (less than truckload)
refrigerated or temperature controlled shipping
Refrigerated or Temperature-Controlled
full truck load
FTL (full truckload)
door to door
cross docking
Cross docking
Otay Mesa is the second busiest land port in the United States, only behind Laredo, Texas. And according to the Otay Mesa Chamber of Commerce, more than $38 billion in trade passes through this port on an annual basis.
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Otay Mesa Cross Border Shipping

The Otay Mesa border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego is also the busiest land port in the state of California. The team at R+L Global Logistics is well versed in helping transport goods through this area.

A majority of the cross border shipping through this region include:
otay mesa cross border shipping cars


otay mesa cross border shipping automotive parts


otay mesa cross border shipping medical supplies


Car manufacturing is a huge industry in Mexico. Many of the top automotive brands driven by U.S. consumers are made in Mexico and cross the border at the Otay Mesa port of entry. In addition, Otay Mesa is also a busy port for goods coming from the large amount of maquiladoras located near Tijuana, Mexico. Typically, products assembled at a maquiladora are duty-free for cross border shipping.
Our team works closely with shippers to ensure all documentation is in place to clear customs on either side of the border. Companies that have special designations to make customs inspections faster can significantly decrease the cross border shipping timeline.

Maximize Otay Mesa Cross Border Shipping

Shippers access many benefits of Otay Mesa cross border freight shipping because our team, which includes bilingual professionals, is able to find the best solutions to transport freight. The R+L Global Logistics team answers all of your questions so you are comfortable when it’s time to book your cross border shipping. We know what it takes to handle cross border shipping for inbound or outbound freight through Otay Mesa.
Otay Mesa enjoys prime location between two large metropolitan areas that are considered the gateways into the U.S. and Mexico. The journey from pick up to delivery via Otay Mesa cross border shipping can take place within a matter of a few hours. Companies can maximize this short turnaround to schedule multiple cross border shipments per day to meet the demands of an ever increasing supply chain.
maximize otay mesa cross border shipping

Partner with R+L Global Logistics for Cross Border Shipping

R+L Global Logistics is your Otay Mesa cross border shipping partner to transport freight between Otay Mesa, California and Tijuana, Mexico. This high volume port of entry requires attention to detail to make sure the process is smooth and void of any delays.

It is our goal to empower your business to make Otay Mesa cross border shipping simple regardless of whether it’s one shipment or a dedicated continuous route. Working closely with R+L Global Logistics gives shippers added assurance that Otay Mesa cross border shipping is a top priority with unparalleled service throughout the journey.

Additional Otay Mesa cross border shipping services include:
white glove
White Glove Services
oversized freight services
Oversized Freight Services
automobile shipping
Automobile Shipping
dry van
Dry Van
temperature controlled shipping
Temperature Controlled Shipping
flat bed
expedited service
Expedited Service
Let our team at R+L Global Logistics handle your Otay Mesa cross border shipping needs. Our freight experts are ready to navigate your cross border journey to make sure your goods are delivered on time, every time.
partner with r+l global logistics for cross border shipping

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