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Brownsville Cross Border Shipping

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Safety Management System
National Minority Development Council
Federal Maritime Commission
Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
CNS An IATA Company
Compliance Safety Accountability
Cross the Border in Brownsville with a Trusted Partner

You’ll find Brownsville deep in South Texas, right on the western Gulf Coast. This expansive city covers more than 80,000 square miles and is home to 183,299 people. It is also a major transportation hub with a seaport and port of entry for trucks that crosses the Rio Grande. Brownsville cross border shipping is big business and you need an experienced partner to help you navigate the waters of moving freight across the border.

Brownsville Crossborder Shipping
Brownsville Crossborder Shipping
Brownsville Crossborder Shipping
As a major transportation hub, Brownsville sees thousands of imports and exports coming across the border. This means you need a Brownsville cross border shipping partner who can make moving your freight easy and hassle free. Team up with R+L Global Logistics for the shipping solutions you need to move your freight efficiently.
Safety Management System
National Minority Development Council
Federal Maritime Commission
Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
CNS An IATA Company
Compliance Safety Accountability
Brownsville cross border shipping can include:
LTL less than truckload
LTL (less than truckload)
refrigerated or temperature controlled
Refrigerated or Temperature-Controlled
expedited shipping
full truckload
FTL (full truckload)
door to door
cross docking
Cross docking
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Crossing the Border in Brownsville and Matamoros

Brownsville shares a border with Matamoros, Mexico. The biggest commodity coming across the border in Brownsville is fuel. This means tanker trucks full of gasoline, motor oil, jet fuel and diesel cross the Rio Grande into Brownsville every day. Other commodities making it across the Brownsville-Matamoros border include medical equipment, cars and car parts, fruits and vegetables, machinery and more.

Fruits & Vegetables
Fruits and Vegetables Brownsville Crossborder Shipping
Cars & Car Parts
Cars and car Parts Brownsville Crossborder Shipping
Machinery Brownsville Crossborder Shipping
Medical Equipment
Medical Equipment Brownsville Crossborder Shipping
Regardless of what kind of freight you’re moving, R+L Global Logistics is prepared to be your strategic partner. We are experienced with Brownsville cross border freight shipping and have the carrier network to get your freight across the border on time and intact. No matter which side of the border your freight originates, R+L Global Logistics can get it to its next destination with our hassle-free shipping solutions.

Brownsville Cross Border Shipping

There are many reasons why working with R+L Global Logistics for your Brownsville cross border shipping needs is smart for your business. We are dedicated to getting your freight across the border on time, every time. 
Our commitment to smart shipping and efficiency is obvious in everything we do, from cross docking to door to door shipping. We focus on providing our customers with less than truckload (LTL), full truckload, expedited and temperature controlled services that keep your freight moving fast.

When you need a smart shipping partner, you need to work with R+L Global Logistics. We have the know-how and services needed to empower your business and supply chain, making Brownsville cross border shipping easy and hassle free. Our multilingual staff offers driven cross border solutions. Our staff is well practiced in the business practices, cultural and language on both sides of the border. This keeps your freight moving and supply chain humming no matter whether you’re moving south into Mexico or north into the U.S.
Brownsville Crossborder Shipping

Your Strategic Partner for Brownsville Cross Border Shipping

It’s a fact: Your business is only as strong as your supply chain. This is why you need a logistics partner who can work the industry to your advantage and get your cross border freight delivered on time, every time. Let R+L Global Logistics show you how reliable delivery makes the fast-moving world of freight shipping and logistics move. We promise to make your Brownsville cross border shipments our top priority with unmatched service every step along the way.
Other logistics services available through R+L Global Logistics include:
white glove
White Glove
oversized freight
Oversized Freight
dry van
Dry Van
temperature controlled shipping
Temperature Controlled Shipping
flat bed shipping
epedited service
Expedited Service
Brownsville Crossborder Shipping
Let R+L Global Logistics find the best carrier and solution for your Brownsville cross border shipping needs. Our freight experts will guide you across the border with delivery on time, every time.
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