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Eagle Pass Cross Border Shipping

Eagle Pass, Texas, strives to be known as the premier international crossing. With three border crossings between Piedras Negras and Eagle Pass, cross border shipping is a big deal here. More than $30 billion of goods crossed the Texas-Mexico in the Eagle Pass region in 2017, and this number has risen significantly over the past ten years.

With more growth expected, you need to have an experienced logistics partner to navigate Eagle Pass cross border shipping. R+L Global Logistics has the knowledge and maturity to offer the solutions you need to get your freight across the border in Eagle Pass. Learn more about how we can meet your cross border shipping needs.
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Cross Border Shipping in Eagle Pass

Eagle Pass shares a border with Piedras Negras. These two cities make international commerce easy. From Piedras Negras trucks can easily connect to the central superhighway system in Mexico, providing an easy route to Mexico City and beyond.

All kinds of commodities cross the border in Eagle Pass. A large percentage, nearly half, of the Eagle Pass region’s trade movements were related to cars and car parts. Other important commodities entering the United States include computers, beverages (Mexican beer from Piedras Negras), electrical machinery and apparel. Commodities leaving the United States at Eagle Pass include food and agricultural products, fuels and plastics.
Inbound Commodities Include:
cross border inbound commodities computers


cross border inbound commodities beverages


cross border inbound commodities machinery


cross border inbound commodities apparel


Outbound Commodities Include:
cross border outbound commodities food


cross border outbound commodities agricultural products


cross border outbound commodities fuels


cross border outbound commodities plastics


No matter what kind of commodities or freight you’re moving, let R+L Global Logistics be your strategic partner. Our vast carrier network and knowledge of Eagle Pass cross border shipping can ensure your delivery makes it on time and intact. Regardless of which side of the border your freight originates, R+L Global Logistics can get it to its next destination with our hassle-free shipping solutions.

Eagle Pass Cross Border Shipping with R+L Global Logistics

R+L Global Logistics offers smart shipping solutions to meet your supply chain and cross border freight needs. Our dedication to getting your freight across the border on time, every time is obvious in everything we do. Our commitment to efficiency and smart shipping solutions is clear in every transaction. Regardless of where you are seeing cross docking or door to door freight shipping, you’ll find the services you need with R+L Global Logistics. We hone in on giving our customers the best service in less than truckload (LTL), full truckload, expedited and temperature controlled services that keep your freight moving fast.

Your business depends on your supply chain. R+L Global Logistics understands our role in making your business move forward and is prepared to empower you through unparalleled customer service. Our staff is multilingual and is driven to provide cross border solutions. Additionally, our staff is well versed in the business practices, culture and language on both sides of the border. This dedication keeps your supply chain buzzing and freight moving forward regardless of whether you’re shipping freight to Mexico or north into the U.S.

eagle pass cross border shipping with r+l global logistics

Your Strategic Partner for Cross Border Shipping

There’s no denying it: Your supply chain is the strength of your business. This is why you need the best partner for Eagle Pass cross border shipping. R+L Global Logistics is prepared to be this partner. We ensure your freight is delivered on time, every time. Reliable cross border shipping is an essential part of the fast-moving world of international logistics. R+L Global Logistics is ready to ensure your Eagle Pass cross border shipments are top priority and move with efficiency every step of the way.

Let R+L Global Logistics find the best solution for your Eagle Pass cross border shipping needs. Our freight experts will guide you across the border and ensure your shipment is delivered on time, every time.
your strategic partner for cross border shipping

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